Benefit from early insights


Great ideas don’t just magically turn into great companies.  Even successful entrepreneurs need sound business advice and a robust network of supporters to help them achieve their dreams. Financial discipline is equally important. Great entrepreneurs know they don’t simply need money to succeed… they need smart money; investors who understand the marketplace, who share the entrepreneur’s passion to make a difference, who can identify the potential of a great idea and above all, help unlock its commercial success.

This is who we are at WhiteHaven Ventures.

We aim to achieve superior returns for our investors by targeting opportunities that have great growth potential when bundled with an outside catalyst.  Our goal is to create real-added value for these opportunities.

Our investment strategy

#1Region #2Industry #3Value #4Support

Global Market

We do not put geographic constrain on the opportunities we assess due to the fact that our business network has an international reach.


We do not limit our search to any specific industry. The different backgrounds and expertise of our management team and advisors allow us to evaluate a large breadth of opportunities .

Strong relationships

Over the years our management team and advisors have built strong relationships with individuals across the globe which allow us to quickly tap into our network to achieve a specific goal or need.

Management support

We take an active management role in the opportunities we undertake. We believe our knowledge, experience and network will act as an accelerator in the undertaking's success.

Key investment criteria

Capital efficient

When assessing opportunities, the management team favours businesses with a low monthly burn rate and very little capital expenditure requirements.


Opportunities that are identified may not necessarily be profitable when they are presented to the management team.

Exit strategy

Opportunities must have a realistic and planned exit strategy in order to be considered as viable projects


Opportunities need to present potential for large growth in order to achieve "unicorn" status (i.e. large market capitalization potential).

Deal Management process

1 2 3 4 5 6


Continuously communicate with our business network to secure exclusive deal flow


Perform a rigorous and analytical approach to assess opportunity in order to move ahead and issue LOIs to begin negotiations


Decide on the most appropriate capital structure to maximize risk-adjusted returns


Integrate an outside catalyst to the opportunity to create added value.


Execute the deal and integrate further corporate governance in the bundled opportunity


Continuously monitor operations with the goal of realizing an exit strategy

Due Diligence Process

Evaluation process

  • Analysis of opportunity
  • Analysis of business plan
  • Legal diligence

Input from advisors

  • Advisor feedback
  • Possible specialist intervention
  • “Challenge” management team


  • Continuous review with advisors
  • Investment decision?
  • Drafting of legal documents

Review process

  • Continuous analysis
  • Stress test on business plan
  • Reassess opportunity




Patented technology
Proprietary technology
Proprietary process
Complementary research
Important synergy
Business network
Specific expertise
Improved cost structure

Decision Making process

We ask the following questions:

Will the catalyst identified actually create an opportunity that has the potential to reach unicorn status?

Can the opportunity be benchmarked or compared to any other company?

Will the opportunity be an attractive acquisition target within its industry or a potential IPO in order to achieve an exit strategy?

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