Protecting you


We believe that our client’s life cycle and responsibilities are constantly evolving, and that the right coverage should be one that evolves with them. Whether it is an individual’s life or disability insurance, a pensioner’s annuity or a business group plan, the needs of our customers are always changing, and a single insurance company may not always have the best solution for all possible situations.

Insurance products can also be an attractive financial tool to have in one’s portfolio. Through the use of segregated funds, for example, clients have the opportunity to benefit from certain features that may not be available through other financial products, such as creditor protection and capital guarantees.

By working with WhiteHaven, you can choose the right insurance products and benefit from a product offering that spans multiple providers:

Types of insurances coverage

Life insurance

Ensures that families enjoy the same standard of living following the death of the insured person.

Long term care insurance

Allows you to enjoy a better quality of life with peace of mind if you need long-term care.

Critical illness insurance

Allows you to rest easy by keeping financial worries at bay, allowing you to concentrate 100% on your recovery

Disability insurance

Allows the insured person to focus on recovery full time, without financial worries.

Travel insurance

Protects you when you make short trips outside the country in case of emergencies.

Accident and medical insurance

Protects you from unexpected illness or accidental injury

Mortgage loan insurance

Avoid surprises and alleviate the financial burden on your loved ones in the event of death or disability.

Loan or credit balance insurance

Provides benefits so that the insured person can repay the balance of a loan in the event of death.

Buy-out insurance

Provides cash to beneficiaries to finance the purchase of shares from a joint shareholder in a corporation who has died or become disabled

Group insurance

A common benefit provided to employees by their employer, union or professional association.
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